From Hijab to Abaya- A Guide to Muslim Women Clothing

Islam embraces women in very high esteem and the Islamic dress code for women is intended to protect and guard the dignity and honor of a Muslim woman. The code of conduct directed by Islamic culture is to promote modest dressing and behavior. Keeping this in mind, Muslim women clothing is designed with utter dignity, modesty and respect.

When we talk about Muslim clothing, the first thing we think about is a Hijab. Hijab is the most used word in regard to covering and is commonly known as a headscarf. The purpose of a hijab is to cover the head and chest of a woman. Initially in Islam, but now hijab’s popularity is widespread in western countries too. Women from all religion love to wear a hijab, which comes in different shades and colors to match the outfit of a woman.

Jilbab is a long, loose-fit garment, especially designed for the modern Muslim woman on the go. This long length dress covers the entire body of a woman, except for hands and face. A Muslim woman usually wears a hijab with it to cover their head and neck. With the evolution in time, several alterations have been made in jilbabs to make them modishly modest for the modern women.

Niqab is another Muslim garment for women. It is a combination of a head covering and scarf that covers all of a woman’s face except for the eyes. It generally flows down till the mid back to cover a woman’s hair and may flow down to a woman’s mid-chest in the front. Although the majority of scholars agree that hijab is mandatory, only a minority of them says that the Niqab is.

Most of the people get confused in niqah and hijab and use them interchangeably and incorrectly. A niqah cover the face except for the eyes, however a burqa conceals the entire body of a woman from head to toe. Burqa is regarded as the most concealing of the Islamic veils.

Abaya is a loose maxi dress designed thoughtfully to cater to the needs of a Muslim woman. It’s a cultural and religious symbol as it covers the body of woman, but apart from that an abaya is also regarded as a fashion statement followed not just by Muslim women but by women across all western countries.

What do you fear? 10 tips to understand fear and who we should fear the most!

1. Fear is natural

It is natural to have some fears, so face your fears and consider whether your fear has a good source or is actually irrational (a fear that we should dismiss or conquer).

How to be fearless is one of the hardest things for most people to do. Recognizing and facing the fear is the first step you should take. Many people are fearful about wearing the hijab. Here are some thoughts about fear in general and about the hijab (head covering) and conservative clothes in particular. The points here will help you to be fearless and more successful.

2. The Fear that Kills

Never let fear hold you back.

Fear that kills is the type of fear that holds us back from taking ourselves to great levels. This fear prevents us from taking a path that we know in our heart we should take. We always have this great fear inside of ourselves – fear about what others think of us, fear about what our parents think, fear of getting hurt, fear of losing our job, fear of poverty, fear of doing something right because we are afraid something will happen to us, fear of people…. fear, fear, fear. We live such scared lives! We are so weak! Some of these fears may be justifiable, but again we should face our fears and find ways to overcome them.

3. The Fear of being different or being too conservative

Why do many girls hesitate to wear a hijab (head covering) and dress conservatively, knowing God has commanded them to do so? This command for hijab was given to the most righteous women ever to exist, who do you think YOU are not to wear one?

4. Is fear the reason why you don’t wear conservative attire?

Is it because of society pressure and the opinions of others?

5. What we should fear!

The One who we should all be fearing most, we do not fear! We fear more about what Joe thinks of us.

6. God Matters Most

Let us look at some of the best women such as Mary, mother of Jesus. Mary is the highest ranked woman. If we look at pictures of Mary she is depicted as wearing conservative clothes, covered from head to toe.

7. Develop a strong purpose and you can overcome fear

You are here on this earth for a purpose, so fulfill your purpose. Your strong purpose can beat fear.

8. Fear is a test!

God has also created this fear inside you on purpose, to test you, to see who do you fear more, the people or God.

To see how great is your level of faith!

To see if you truly believe.

When you put God first or higher then you will not hesitate about these decisions.

9. When fear strikes who do you consult?

There is no need for you to argue with anyone about this topic other than yourself. Convince yourself.

10. How to overcome fear

Overcome fear by seeing it as a small obstacle so that you can jump to even greater levels and move on to the next stages in these challenges of life. People will be very proud of you. Forget people, Allah will be very proud of you. Thus put Allah first and you will be able to overcome fear, at least the fear of what people think of you. When you have a higher purpose, you can defeat fear.

Explanation Of Disbelievers In Surah Al-Baqarah In The Verses 6-7

The English translation of abridged tafsir that is based on the book ‘tayseer ila usul’ is given below:

“Verily, those who disbelieve, it is the same to them whether you warn them or do not warn them, they will not believe.”

Almighty Allah has explained in some of the previous verses that this is the Holy Book and there is no doubt in its truth. He explained status of those people who are guided by this book and they possess taqwa, just like the successful ones. Allah has explained in the 6th and 7th verses about those who do not have faith ,the warning does not provide any benefit to them, as Allah Almighty has sealed their hearts. Online Quran Recitation will tell you more about the disbelievers and believers.

These verses are basically answer to the question posted by the people, that why they were not provided with the proper guidance? This is because of the reason that Arabs say “Inna Abdallah Qaaim”, which means that “Abdullah is standing”.

This is answer to person who is very much doubtful about the standing and therefore it questions about the standings of Abdullah.

Appearance of Hamzat-ul-Tasweeyah with (أ) and أَمْ makes it free from the meaning of enquiry and helps in establishing equality in between them. They will not believe it, regardless of whether you warn them or not.

Term الَّذِينَ is a form of the generality, therefore Allah informs all people about those who are the non-believers and will not become believers, regardless of the warning that they bring to the religion Islam. This is not a general matter, as Rasul Allah was sent to spread the religion of Islam to disbelievers. The person who believed from them became believer and the one who remained, remained on kufr.
If you read Holy Quran Online, you will get to know about the life style of a true believer.

The mind specifies the text of Shariah if the subject matter was aqeeqah which means iman and kufr. The mind specifies his sayings:

“That is Allah, your Lord, the Creator of all things, none has the right to be worshipped but He, so how have you been turned away?” [Al-Ghaafir, 40:62]

Verse “those who disbelieve” is very much specified by the mind to all tribes of the disbelievers from Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and it was told that they would never become the believers. Comprehension along with the mind and heart is not much limited to one angle like the sight.

Allah has repeated the word “upon” in order to emphasize severity, that is completed in two different places, heart and learning.

This can be understood by an example; one person puts something in the locker in the locked house that is very well protected while the other puts it into a locked container in the unlocked house. Here, it is very much clear that there is a clear difference between the thinking of people and their mind in the matters of relation, and there can be misinterpretation of the concept.

Reform Yourself With The Help Of A Quran Teacher If You Want To Over Come The Enemies Of Islam!

A Quran teacher can bring you the real essence of Islam. The world politics has changed dramatically over the years and the western media has found the sensitive nerve of Muslim Ummah, which is their religion. They have started hitting at the religion Islam and the western media is trying to defame the religion of Allah. They use every tactic to manipulate the religious teachings and present it in front of the world in such a way that everyone starts believing that Islam is fundamentalist religion and Muslims are extremists.
To protect the image of our religion is not only our right, but our duty as well. Now the western media has the major power of the world, which is beyond the power of military or nuclear weapons. This is the power of communication. Marshal McLuhan has written a lot about the power of media, but this great thinker classified media as a revolution. He was correct when he said that media itself is a revolution, which drives people to think what media wants them to. The media also uses the technique of Goebbels, who said that repeating a lie would make it a truth in the minds of the people. When the media repeats things over and over, again and again, it ultimately makes a place in the minds of the people.
This is how the western media has manipulated or stereotyped the religion of Allah, which is Islam. Now Muslims have to be really wise in this war of media and religion. The easiest way to win the war is develop a strategy that creates a winning situation for you without causing too much of damage. For this, first of all educate yourself. Take help from Quran teacher and learn your religion. You will only be able to react to the propaganda of the western media, if you know your religion completely.
Learn and teach your religion by yourself and know what is right and what has been created by the western media. Western media claims that Islam gives no respect to women and that the orthodox thinking of Muslims make their women stay home and not work outside. Plus, they have portrayed the negative image of Hijab as if it is an obstacle in the way of Muslim women. This is not true. Hijab protects Muslim women, rather than being an obstacle in the way of Muslim women.
Islam is the religion of peace, harmony, tolerance and patience. Be peaceful and do not over react to any situation. Remember, agony, aggression, and anger are not the qualities of a Momin. Tolerate as much as you can. There is no such thing as instant results, do not be impatient in seeing the reaction or the results of your movement or action. Let the process take place, no matter how much it takes, and see the results by then. Think positive and then take any action, and remember when you take an action in the way of Allah, He will help you out on every step. We are helpless and Allah is helpful. Seek help from the God, who has created you from mud!

The Wisdom in the Islamic Dress Code!

There is prodigious wisdom in the Muslim women clothes conforming to the Islamic dress code. Simple and sophisticated, Islamic dresse s promote modesty and minimize immorality in the society. Not only for women, but Islam sets standards of decency of both men and women. Both men and women are commanded to lower their gaze by covering their body correctly. Islamic culture aims to make a healthy social ambience filled with values, morals and respect.

In Islam, both men and women are expected to dress simply and soberly. A man must always be covered in loose silhouettes from his navel to his knee. On the other hand, Muslim women should at least cover her hair and body in loose, full-length gowns, thereby obscuring their body details from the outside world. However, women are allowed to keep their face and hands uncovered. This code of conduct for Muslims is not an imposition, but something that takes care of their dignity and respect.

When we talk about Muslim women clothes, the first thing that comes to our mind is a Hijab. A hijab is not just a scarf or a dress code, but much more than that. It is something that covers a muslimah’s head, making her look modest and sophisticated. Hijab covers a woman’s head and chest and allow them to be simple. Wearing a hijab also means that a woman is no more seen as a mere sexual object, but she is regarded for her intellect and knowledge.

Moreover, over the time, several alterations and changes have come into existence with regard to Islamic clothing, which has made Islamic dresses look modest yet trendy and stylish. Now a day, not just Muslim women, but women across all the western countries voluntarily wear a hijab to cover their head and chest and look absolutely understated, graceful, modest and sophisticated. A woman wearing modest dress is always regarded with great respect and value. Many women also report that people (including Muslims and non-Muslims) are more inclined to show good manners towards a woman covered respectfully than the woman showing skin.